The Polymorphic Sounds of zeero_k

When I'm out playing music somewhere, I often go by the moniker zeero_k. Here you can listen to some examples of what you might hear when zeero_k is at the helm of a sound system.

These are recordings of things that I have collected, created, or manipulated in some way. They are posted here for your listening pleasure, so enjoy. Feedback is also appreciated.


These are long sets of mixed music mixed by myself, typically using two CDJs and a mixer, and sometimes with other miscellaneous input devices. The 192kbps downloads are huge mp3 files will take a while to download, but are of the highest sound quality. The 128kbps streams should allow you to listen to the mixes instantaneously while downloading, as long as you have a good internet connection.
Disarm & Empower ::[Download 256kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
Recorded 2/13/2009

I recorded this mix on Friday the 13th, a week after I broke my collarbone in a bike accident. I had limited use of my right arm, which added some challenge to the tasks of searching through my CDs, loading them into the CDJs, and twittling the knobs on my mixer; hence, "Disarm." However, this was the first mix that I recorded on my brand spankin' new CDJ-400s, which have a lot of cool features; hence, "Empower."

[00:00] Acoustic Tunnel Party 2007 - Wellington Eulogy
[00:50] Laurie Spiegel - Sediment
[02:18] Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir - Mandala Offering
[06:00] Shamanic Tribes on Acid - With the Wind Blows Peace
[12:32] Valleyman - On a Rowing Trip
[15:50] Shulman - The Unexpected Visitor
[20:34] Xerxes - One-Oh-Three (edit)
[25:50] Molokow - Hydroponic Circuit (Mountain King Mix)
[33:38] Solar Quest - Eye Mage
[37:21] Entheogenic - Golden Cap
[43:36] Crowd Control - Thors Armpit
[45:28] BNSF Dispatcher & Crew Radio - Stampede Subdivision
[48:28] UPRR - Castle Rock and Rocky Point Tunnel
[50:27] Solar Quest - Aphelion
[57:45] Chronos - Self Overcoming
[67:57] Omnimoon vs. Dagas - Southern Wind
[76:00] Adam Plack and Johnny (White Ant) Soames - Crocodile Totem (Respect)

xKosmos Spiral ::
Part A: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
Part B: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
This is a mix I recorded during a retreat of kind souls in the redwoods of Northern California. This mix is a good example of some of the psychedelc downtempo and ambient music that I have been enjoying lately, with a pinch of dark ambient thrown in for flavour. This mix is split into two semi-distinct parts. Each part is a journey unto itself; together, an epic into another land.

Here are the Artists - Tracks that I included, with the time of appearance noted for each:

Part A:
[00:00] Saafi Brothers - 2048
[06:19] Dr. Psychedelic - Let's Try Some Energy
[09:23] Jah Wobble - A Love Song
[16:00] Khetzal - Chips Tree
[23:45] Aes Dana - Skyclad (high frequencies version)
[29:33] The Infinity Project - The Answer
[39:07] Baraka - broken vows-a prayer of kala rupa-an daorach bheag
[41:42] Carbon Based Lifeforms - Epicentre (first movement)
[47:10] Matt Borghi - Morning Rendered
[53:10] Mantra - Porum
[60:00] Alien Mutation - The Sun, the Earth
[68:43] Goasia - Nature

Part B:
[00:00] Astral Waves - Shanti (dancing flames in the dark mix)
[02:45] Amaruvision - Amaruvision
[06:14] Electric Brain - Out at Night Looking For a UFO
[13:14] Surge - 4.27 Ambience
[20:25] Biosphere - Warmed by the Drift
[26:12] Cypher - Alternet
[30:46] Cell - Secret Wedding
[39:04] Red Buddha - Himalaya Trance
[47:50] Bad Data - So Many People
[51:30] The Pot Heads - Down in the Deepest Universe
[53:15] Baraka - Wandering Saint
[58:45] Total Eclipse - Espanolizer
[68:00] T.I.T. - Space Lover

Warm Cherry Lower :: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 192kbps]
Recorded this at my friend Shepherd's housewarming party, on 1-14-2006. It was a very cozy party, and I threw in some of my favorite tracks into this ambient/downtempo mix; there are also some field recordings and a few fractal tunes thrown in too. The length is almost two hours, but do try to pick a time to listen to the whole thing, because I think the ending is especially nice.
Sound Sources [timepoint of appearance]:
[0:00:00] zeero_k - IAG Mantra
[0:02:00] Robert Normandeau - Tangram
[0:05:20] zeero_k - Impossible Piano 
[0:10:06] Teargas & Plateglass - A Book of Black Valentines (w/ Lil Gong)
[0:14:20] Sin City Soundtrack - The Hard Goodbye
[0:18:00] Suntoy - Suntoy
[0:26:00] Xen Chaos - Vista Alturnas
[0:28:55] Christopher DeLaurenti - Live at the Republican National Convention Protest
          ^^^ recurrs throughout mix^^^
[0:31:00] Erth - Hive
[0:38:00] Assembler - Campana
[0:42:04] Erik the Viking vs. Odo - It's not Buddha
[0:49:15] The Infinity Project - Flying
[0:55:00] Kaya Project - salaam (remix for irina mikhailova)
[1:01:00] OP11 - La Ville
[1:07:47] Supercheese - Cut More Cheese
[1:11:00] System 7 - Don Corleone
[1:19:00] InterMix - Requiem Dub
[1:21:48] zeero_k - Little Folk Ditty
[1:23:45] Biosphere - Don't Follow
[1:28:30] Bad Data - Borders
[1:35:35] Sunkings - Isle of the Departed
[1:42:10] Ochi Brothers - Flowing Synergy
[1:48:48] Terre Thaemliz - Meditation of the Mountain Oyster

Osborn Point ::
Part A: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
Part B: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
At a gathering high up in the mountains at a place called Osborn Point, I captured this mix on my minidisk recorder on the night of 5-21-05. It starts out with a sample of a train in motion, and then ventures into some dark ambience. Unfortunately I couldn't document what all went into this mix, since the environment was rather chaotic. But if something intrigues you, let me know the timepoint and I'll try my best to figure out the source.
Post-Waxing :: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
A fully ambient/downtempo mix recorded 3-12-05. It was a nice and sunny weekend, and so here we have a happy and symphonic sounding mix. Although, the inevitible drought that this dry weather is causing is somewhat ominous and problematic, as are some elements of this mix. Here is the tracklist, showing times of appearance:
1:  [00:00] Philip Glass - Sand Mandala
2:  [03:55] Sine - What's On Your Mind
3:  [12:20] Synapse Interrupt - Beyond
4:  [15:48] Transfinite - Omega (Luna Mix)
5:  [20:47] Alien Mutation - Shimmer (CDJ Malfunction Remix)
6:  [21:47] Scanner - Arc
7:  [24:03] Green Light - L7
8:  [31:41] V.A.L.I.S. - Amniotica
9:  [38:13] Teargas & Plateglass - An Adagio for Tandems Stacked
10: [45:22] Aes Dana - Memory Shell (Mindgames ... Version)
11: [50:23] Liquid Z - Aphrodite
12: [55:55] The irresistable Force - Waveform
13: [65:06] Banco de Gaia - Touching the Void
14: [74:45] Sundog - 7 Minutes to Midnite
15: [79:56] Galerie Stratique - Engourdissement
16: [81:18] Galerie Stratique - Grand kaleidoscope

Terrarium :: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
An ambient/downtempo/experimental mix recorded 6-23-04. Inspired when a building inspector came to my house and said that I had a terrarium in my basement window. I looked inside and found an assortment of life forms. It starts with a very dark sound, works up with some grooves, then crawls back into its hole.


WWV Atomic Clock Radio 5000kHz
James Bernard - Tourmaline
Steve Roach - Ascension for Protection
O-Head - Lotus
Cybersnack - Inward Journey
Shiva Chandra - Frizz Bee
David Battenfield - Sonic Ghazal
Doof - Balashwaar Baksheesh
Traum 3 - Infrasonic
Bill Laswell - Open URL
Electric Skychurch - Glider

Varuna's_Match :: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
A full-on Goa trance mix, mixed in the classic Goa style (i.e. the beat matching is often poor). I recorded this 6-20-2004, the summer solstice, when I was stuck at home with a broken foot.
The story: Varuna, the Hindu god of oceans, sky, and seasonal order, had a dispute to settle with Indra, the god of weather and war. They settled their differences over a wrestling match. The match was unrelenting and lasted over 80 minutes. A few fouls were committed and some surprise moves came into play. Listen and see if you can tell who won.

Features these tracks:

1.	Jaļa - Nasty Angel
2.	In-Sect - Hinterland
3.	S-Range - Freak Out
4.	Astrix - Massive activity
5.	Saiko Pod (a.k.a. Koxbox) - Magnetic Force
6.	Transwave - The Rezwalker, black thunder mix
7.	Noosphere - How do you like me now?
8.	Fractal Glider - Avalancher
9.	Infected Mushroom - Funchameleon
10.	Chi A.D. - The Flame
11.	E.S.X.S. - Electrik Flower (E.S.X.S. remix)
12.	Temple of Dreams - Oscillation

0_to_142 :: [Download 192kbps MP3] | [Stream 128kbps]
This is an experimental prototype mix. It accelerates from ambient to trance in 81 minutes. I couldn't push it any further because the authorities were closely monitoring the situation. Uses sounds from the following sources (in order of initial appearance):
1.	452.350 MHz
2.	425.275 MHz
3.	155.580 MHz
4.	Ekko - Mossman (Part a)
5.	Biosphere - Black Lamb & Grey Falcon
6.	Steve Roach - *
7.	William Orbit - Greengatch Demento
8.	Hybrid - Marrakech
9.	Freedom Tygerstar - Snow Runner Sun
10.	Ooze - Restricted Flow
11.	Children of the Bong - The Veil...
12.	The Paradise/Gaia Project - Tribute to Gaia
13.	Haldolium - Plasma
14.	O.O.O.D. - Cobra
15.	Echologic - Evolution Command
16.	zeero_k - Cathedral
* CD stolen; I don't remember what it was.

Collected Sounds

These are sounds that I have acquired or recorded from various sources:

Shortwave Radio

Warped Classical Music

[Check back soon..more to follow]

Fractal Music

These are some melodies that I have created with an unusual little program called Fractal Tune Smithy. The program makes complex melodies out of number-based patterns and a myriad of musical and mathematical parameters. The program generates MIDI information, which can be stored in a file or sent into a synthesizer for playback or further manipulation. The mp3 files below were recorded by patching the fractal tune generator through a software synthesizer. The MID files are very small and efficient sound files, but can sound like shit on the average consumer sound card. Newest files are at the top, older files are below:

Souicsul [MP3]

Look here what I found, a tempo map! Using a tempo map, I can design a tune that has a more of a start-to-finish structure. This one starts out slow, then gets more frenzied as it goes. Notice how the first layer starts out with a melody, and when the tune gets fast and causes the first layer to succumb to chaos, the second layer (played by the guitar) still carries a similar melody. To hell with equal temperament--this tune follows an Indian Pyramid Hexatonic scale.

Eternal Death March [MP3]

You don't hear much about death marches these days, but if you wanted to start one of your own, this would be the background music to use. This is just an excerpt; the original tune is 163,257,069,900 days, 21 hours, 51 minutes, and 8 seconds long. This one features a 4th-degree rhythm fractal, which is what causes the speed to change as the tune progresses.

Little Folk Ditty [MP3] | [MID]

Yee ha, a robot hoedown! Grab your floppy, swing your co-processor 'round and 'round and 'round.

IAG Mantra [MP3]

Here's an interesting one. Imagine a hall of chanting monks, one of whom is playing a Glockenspiel.

Symphonic Baud [MID]

This one incorporates some fractally rhythm parameters into the melody. The introduction is slow and dramatic, but then it starts to get a bit out of control and finally ends sounding more like one of those early two-digit baud modems.

Stinky Flower [MP3]

For these recent few fractal tunes, I have decided to ditch the software synthesizer and just patch the output through the MIDI decoder built-in with WindowsXP, because I have yet to find a synth that supports pitch bends and has a good range of sounds. This permits me to create melodies in tunings other than the standard 12-tone equal temperament scale. The first layer of this tune follows an Indian Shruti scale, and the second layer follows a Japanese Koto scale.

Impossible Piano [MP3]

Remember that Tom & Jerry cartoon where the cat is chasing the mouse all over the piano, to the tune of the Hungarian Rhapsody? I believe there may have been a Bugs Bunny version of this as well. If they played this piece, the piano would surely be destroyed. Sounds like a rattlesnake was involved too.

Cathedral [MP3] | [MID]

This is one of my favorites. It has a haunting melody and the tempo varies with the pitch level, creating interesting peaks and ebbs within the melody pattern. The entire tune is based on the number sequence 0 1 2.

Irregular Zen [MP3]| [MID]

This is another melody with interesting rhythm patterns. It sounds like someone wandering around in a zen garden wearing a blindfold, and occasionally tripping over those big rocks.

Triumph of Chaos [MP3] | [MID]

Victory sure starts to sound dull after it gets beaten into your head repeatedly. This 14 min tune begins triumphantly, but then it starts to get distracted within its own self-imposed structure. Compare to W Bush's proclamation of the end of major combat in Iraq.

Irreplaceable [MP3]

Something strange happened here. The Fractal Tune generator went completely wacko, it froze up and started sending out chaotic note patterns on random channels out of control. The melody patterns turned into rhythm patterns. I caught the output on the synthesizer and played with the output coming off of the various channels; this was the result. I couldn't save the tune or the MIDI information so this recording the only evidence of the unrepeatable occurrence.

Gentle [MP3]

A noodley little happy song, to accompany frolicking kittens, sunshine and flowers. Eight minutes of this will wash all of your troubles away, or make you puke.

Imposition [MP3]

A shorter song, but very dense. This is what happens if you drink 10 cups of coffee with your scrabled eggs.

Mystery [MP3]

You know that dead space in the house above the stairs? What do you think is lurking in there? This is something to listen to as you ponder that question.