Vacation in Idaho

Today Amie and I are leaving on the train for a 4 or 5 day vacation in Sandpoint, Idaho. Joining us will me Dad and Beth, Jack, Jain and Moira, and Shawn. We will all inhabit a vacation rental cabin on Lake Pend Oreille that my dad has arranged, and we’ll spend the next few… Continue reading Vacation in Idaho

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Server Upgrade

The server, which runs my email, website, and blog, has been moved into a new less-obsolete machine. You may notice that my webpages and blog now load faster! The new machine was found by Amie in a pile destined for recycling, before she salvaged it for my use. It boasts a 2.4 GHz processor,… Continue reading Server Upgrade

Sporkestra does SantaCon

This Saturday, the Titanium Sporkestra will provide musical accompaniment for the 2010 SantaCon in Fremont. I can’t disclose exactly where we will be playing, but think of the area between Fremont and Ballard, and consider that SantaCons tend to gravitate towards food and beer.

Blum-Bacon High Route

It’s been like three months since I successfully completed an alpine high route from Mount Blum to Bacon Peak. This was I trip I did over Labor Day weekend; the rough plan was outlined in a previous post that I wrote while on the northbound train to Mt Vernon. Since returning, I have been gradually… Continue reading Blum-Bacon High Route

A Shroomy Bounty at Britenbush

Once again Amie and I went to the annual PSMS mushroom conference at Breitenbush Hot Springs, which I wrote about last year. This year we struck the mother-lode of Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare). And a good amount of Chanterelles (Cantharellus sp.). It was a very wet weekend, but that was okay because there were hot springs… Continue reading A Shroomy Bounty at Britenbush

Wild Mushroom Show

This weekend is the Puget Sound Mycological Society‘s annual Wild Mushroom Show. The show is a celebration of all things fungal, but the main attraction is an expansive arrangement of mushrooms gathered all over the region over the past couple days, sorted and labeled by genus and species. Today I met Amie in the in… Continue reading Wild Mushroom Show

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The OK Blog – Version 2.0

The OK blog has been revamped. Behold! Version 2.0 is powered by the WordPress Content Management System. New features include the ability to add comments to my posts (I reserve full totalitarian right to edit/reject comments as I see fit), category tags, search function, automatic display of the most recent posts as opposed to me… Continue reading The OK Blog – Version 2.0