Goodbye CenturyLink, Hello Internet Antenna

1.5 Mpbs was a great broadband speed, back in 2002. CenturyLink’s refusal to upgrade the DSL speed in our neighborhood, and their lousy/incompetent customer service combined with their general hostility towards 3rd party Internet Service Providers (ISPs) made me start to look for other internet connectivity options. As of this weekend, after months of tinkering… Continue reading Goodbye CenturyLink, Hello Internet Antenna

Location Page Fixed

The current location page on my web portal is now functional again. It was originally powered by Google Latitude, until Google rudely discontinued Latitude last August. Since then, I have found a nice simple Android App that provides similar functionality, called Public Badge. As a reminder, this page is only accessible to those possessing the… Continue reading Location Page Fixed

Happy Birthday to Me

Hey, today is my Birthday; I’m 35. I am anticipating that 35 is going to be a momentous year for me, for reasons that some of you may already know. (If you don’t, check back here in mid-June) I celebrated my birthday by taking the day off work and doing not much at all. Actually,… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me

Website Overhaul

A long-overdue overhaul of my main web site (Owen’s Portal) is mostly complete. New features include: A site map to diagram the site’s content and help the user navigate. The sitemap is touch-screen friendy. I drew up the map using an open-source program called Dia and converted it to a clickable image map using KImageMapEditor.… Continue reading Website Overhaul

New Address

No, we haven’t physically moved, but the server now resides on a new IP address. Good old, which has been the home of since 1998, has been repossessed and reallocated by my Internet Service Provider (ISP) Cortland Communications. The new home is located at It was a minor annoyance to convert… Continue reading New Address

Modernizing the 0K Blog

Attention: The 0K Blog is currently undergoing a theme overhaul. Since I am too lazy to copy the blog over to a development server, I’ll just tinker directly with the live site. During this process, you may experience symptoms including: ugliness, unreadability, missing text, navigation difficulties, nausea and/or death.

Server Upgrade

The server, which runs my email, website, and blog, has been moved into a new less-obsolete machine. You may notice that my webpages and blog now load faster! The new machine was found by Amie in a pile destined for recycling, before she salvaged it for my use. It boasts a 2.4 GHz processor,… Continue reading Server Upgrade

The OK Blog – Version 2.0

The OK blog has been revamped. Behold! Version 2.0 is powered by the WordPress Content Management System. New features include the ability to add comments to my posts (I reserve full totalitarian right to edit/reject comments as I see fit), category tags, search function, automatic display of the most recent posts as opposed to me… Continue reading The OK Blog – Version 2.0