Today our new solar power installation came online. It’s a 4.4kW grid tied system, built by Puget Sound Solar. It will generate more energy than we use in the summer, and less in the winter, for about a net-zero draw from the grid over the course of a year. There are no batteries; any excess… Continue reading Solarized

Elza at 1 Month

Here is another batch of cute Elza photos: For now, we’re planning to update the Elza photo page monthly, so check back again in a month! (updates may or may not be announced on the OK Blog)

Our House is now Famous

Well, sort of. We have a friend who is a professional illustrator/comic artist and he used our house for inspiration on an animated music video he worked on for a local “Kindie” band. Watch “I’ve got a Goat” on Youtube See any resemblance?


According to my calculations, today I am 1/3 century old. For a while, I had been planning to have a party or something for the occasion, but the day has arrived faster than any planning process could materialize. Therefore I just shared the day with Amie, Felix, Nessa Rose (the spider), and our six chickens… Continue reading 33.33333…

Be our New Neighbor

Our next door neighbor’s house is for sale, and for under $275,000, you could become our new neighbor! It’s the house just south of us, adjacent to our garden and chicken area. The house is about the same size and construction style of ours, but still has the original hardwood floors and original interior architectural… Continue reading Be our New Neighbor

Returned from Sandpoint

So, I didn’t have much time to actually update my blog while I was in Idaho over the holidays, but here is a brief recap: Amie and I boarded the Eastbound Amtrak Empire Builder on the evening after Christmas day. The ride was pleasant and uneventful. In Spokane after the two halves of the Empire… Continue reading Returned from Sandpoint