Elza on the Slopes

It’s never to early to start learning to Ski! Over this winter we took Elza up to Stevens Pass a couple of times to go Alpine skiing. We gave her some 80cm skis, a pair of small ski boots, and a harness, then took her up to the top of the hill and gave her… Continue reading Elza on the Slopes

A Whitefish New Year

Amie & I returned from a family vacation in Whitefish, MT, over New Years, where we embarked on a trifecta of winter activities. In attendance was Dad and Beth, Jack, Jain and Moira, Shawn, Amie and I. First, we went snowshoeing in Glacier National Park. We followed the Quarter Circle Bridge Road for a few… Continue reading A Whitefish New Year

Napping in the Shack

Last weekend Tschuai and I went on another backcountry ski adventure. This time he led me to a secret shack near Steven’s Pass. We got a late start on Thursday night after work, and arrived at the pass around midnight. We started hiking to the top of the ridge above the ski area, under the… Continue reading Napping in the Shack

Skyline to Yodelin

Last weekend my friend Tschuai and I went on a backcountry ski adventure. We started at the Steven’s Pass summit, ascended Skyline ridge, dropped into the next valley to the north, and then came out at Yodelin Place. This was my first real backcountry skiing adventure, and I had a blast. I have been slowly… Continue reading Skyline to Yodelin