A Whitefish New Year

Amie & I returned from a family vacation in Whitefish, MT, over New Years, where we embarked on a trifecta of winter activities. In attendance was Dad and Beth, Jack, Jain and Moira, Shawn, Amie and I. First, we went snowshoeing in Glacier National Park. We followed the Quarter Circle Bridge Road for a few… Continue reading A Whitefish New Year

Impulse Ride

Today I had a sudden impulse to go on a long bike ride, so I rode from home to Redmond via Issaquah and the East Lake Samammish trail. It was a typical gray, moist November day, but pretty warm and not too soggy. I went 28 miles in two hours, for an average speed of… Continue reading Impulse Ride

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A Canadian 4th

On July 4th, Amie & defected to Canada and went on a bike trip. We have some friends that live on Vancouver Island in the town of Bowser, a bit north of Naniamo. We have been meaning to visit them for several years, and have been meaning to go on a bike camping trip for… Continue reading A Canadian 4th

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STP Aftermath

When you ride your bike to Portland in the STP, how do you get your bike back to Seattle? Now we know. Close-up view:

Six down, Four to Go

I have been taking advantage of the recent nice weather over the past few weeks and I checked off two more Fitness Challenge activities. Now I only have four left to do. First was the Cedar River Trail. I loaded my bike onto a 143 bus after work and took it almost to Black Diamond,… Continue reading Six down, Four to Go

Exploring the “Big Backyard” for Lower Deductibles

Today after work I went off to explore the Big Soos Creek Trail. I was prompted to do this because of King County Park’s Big Backyard Fitness Challenge, which is part of the Healthy Incentives program for the health insurance I get from the County. Basically, if I complete this challenge, then I get to… Continue reading Exploring the “Big Backyard” for Lower Deductibles

Napping in the Shack

Last weekend Tschuai and I went on another backcountry ski adventure. This time he led me to a secret shack near Steven’s Pass. We got a late start on Thursday night after work, and arrived at the pass around midnight. We started hiking to the top of the ridge above the ski area, under the… Continue reading Napping in the Shack