Six down, Four to Go

I have been taking advantage of the recent nice weather over the past few weeks and I checked off two more Fitness Challenge activities. Now I only have four left to do. First was the Cedar River Trail. I loaded my bike onto a 143 bus after work and took it almost to Black Diamond,… Continue reading Six down, Four to Go

Exploring the “Big Backyard” for Lower Deductibles

Today after work I went off to explore the Big Soos Creek Trail. I was prompted to do this because of King County Park’s Big Backyard Fitness Challenge, which is part of the Healthy Incentives program for the health insurance I get from the County. Basically, if I complete this challenge, then I get to… Continue reading Exploring the “Big Backyard” for Lower Deductibles

Short Long Walk

Last weekend I participated in The Long Walk, at least part of it. The Long Walk was an event organized by 4 Culture that involved a bunch of people walking all the way from Golden Gardens to Snoqualmie Falls over the course of 4 days. The route was basically the Burke Gilman trail to the… Continue reading Short Long Walk

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