Fall/Winter Foraging

Over the past fall and winter, Amie, Elza and I went on several trips to search for fine edibles. Lake Cushman In early October, we rented a cabin at the Lake Cushman Resort. It was the off-season and the place was deserted. We harvested a bounty of Chanterelles, both Yellow and White, a bunch of… Continue reading Fall/Winter Foraging

Morel Madness

About three weeks ago, Amie & I went hunting for Morels in an undisclosed location in Eastern Washington. It was a site near Leavenworth where there had been a forest fire last summer, and Morels like to grow in recent burned areas. We parked the car at a gated road, and spent the day hiking… Continue reading Morel Madness


Over Thanksgiving weekend, Amie & I met some friends in Long Beach to go Razor Clam digging. Each year, the Department of Fish & Wildlife opens a limited number of weekends for open clam digs, and this year Thanksgiving weekend was one of them. Generally only the nighttime low tide is open for digging, I… Continue reading Thanksclamming

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A Shroomy Bounty at Britenbush

Once again Amie and I went to the annual PSMS mushroom conference at Breitenbush Hot Springs, which I wrote about last year. This year we struck the mother-lode of Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare). And a good amount of Chanterelles (Cantharellus sp.). It was a very wet weekend, but that was okay because there were hot springs… Continue reading A Shroomy Bounty at Britenbush