Shipping up to Austin

Today I am leaving for Austin, TX to play with Titanium Sporkestra at Honk Fest TX. This was the first time that I have needed to ship my sousa on an airplane, so I spent the last few weeks building and perfecting a case for my sousaphone. I have always felt that the standard sousaphone… Continue reading Shipping up to Austin

Sorry I Moved Your Bus Stop

Back in early February, there were some significant changes to bus routes in Downtown Seattle. Some of these changes were a result of bus stop capacity analysis I worked on in late 2010. I haven’t done much writing on my blog lately about work-related stuff (it’s generally the last thing I want to spend time… Continue reading Sorry I Moved Your Bus Stop

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Northbound on an Am-Bus

I got a voicemail from “Julie” this morning that saying my northbound train was canceled, and that replacement bus service would be provided. I actually got two of these voice mails, I think one for me and one for my bike. Okay…well this situation could be workable, but would my bike be able to ride… Continue reading Northbound on an Am-Bus

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Not Quite Portland

Okay, so the Seattle-to-Portland became the Seattle-to-Centralia. A combination of factors have led me to cheat and take the train the rest of the distance to Portland: The sun failed to make an appearance, like it was supposed to do Although most of the roads I was riding had good shoulders, there was compact and… Continue reading Not Quite Portland

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STP on Ice

For this weekend’s adventure, I have decided to ride my bike to Portland. I loaded up Bob with my camping gear and left the house around noon today. It’s been kind of snowy around here lately, and I was close to cancelling the trip, but the sun came out and the trip was a go.… Continue reading STP on Ice

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Texas or Bust

My band Titanium Sporkestra is raising funds to get us to Austin, TX in March, and we have a Kickstarter page to help us raise funds to get there. We will be playing at Honk! Fest TX in Austin. The bag fees to ship a sousaphone are not trivial. The way Kickstarter works is you… Continue reading Texas or Bust

Skyline to Yodelin

Last weekend my friend Tschuai and I went on a backcountry ski adventure. We started at the Steven’s Pass summit, ascended Skyline ridge, dropped into the next valley to the north, and then came out at Yodelin Place. This was my first real backcountry skiing adventure, and I had a blast. I have been slowly… Continue reading Skyline to Yodelin

Outdoor Clawfoot Operational

Our new outdoor clawfoot tub is now operational! We had an old clawfoot tub sitting out in the barn for about a year, while we tried to find the time and means to hook it up. The tub was acquired via Craigslist, from someone in Rainier Valley not too far away from here, and just… Continue reading Outdoor Clawfoot Operational

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Returned from Sandpoint

So, I didn’t have much time to actually update my blog while I was in Idaho over the holidays, but here is a brief recap: Amie and I boarded the Eastbound Amtrak Empire Builder on the evening after Christmas day. The ride was pleasant and uneventful. In Spokane after the two halves of the Empire… Continue reading Returned from Sandpoint