Emergency Operations Centre

One of my favorite internet radio stations,, seems to be having a problem with its domain and the website has been inaccessible over the past month. Thankfully, some playlists I had stored on my MPD server to tune into Psychedelik’s streams use hard-coded IP addresses and these seem to be functioning normally. Therefore, in… Continue reading Emergency Operations Centre

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Mt. Phelps Bagged

My Mount Phelps trip was a rousing success! Pictures are here. I biked from SE Seattle to almost the end of the North Fork Snoqualmie Road pretty much per the Google bike directions. This route worked well except for the jaunt through Snoqualmie Ridge; the trail connecting the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail to Snoqualmie Ridge is quite… Continue reading Mt. Phelps Bagged

Mt. Phelps or Bust

I am currently on my way to climb Mt. Phelps, using only human power to get there from home. Mt. Phelps (incorrectly named “McClain Peaks” on Google and USGS maps) is a prominent dome-shaped peak clearly visible east of Seattle. I have had my eye on this peak for a while and it took some… Continue reading Mt. Phelps or Bust

Sierra Pictures

I know it’s been almost a year since I went on a 10-day hike on the South Sierra High Route, but I finally sorted through the many pictures that the three of us took and posted the highlights in a gallery. See the gallery here Someday, if I find time to sort through my notes… Continue reading Sierra Pictures

Elza on the Slopes

It’s never to early to start learning to Ski! Over this winter we took Elza up to Stevens Pass a couple of times to go Alpine skiing. We gave her some 80cm skis, a pair of small ski boots, and a harness, then took her up to the top of the hill and gave her… Continue reading Elza on the Slopes

Fall/Winter Foraging

Over the past fall and winter, Amie, Elza and I went on several trips to search for fine edibles. Lake Cushman In early October, we rented a cabin at the Lake Cushman Resort. It was the off-season and the place was deserted. We harvested a bounty of Chanterelles, both Yellow and White, a bunch of… Continue reading Fall/Winter Foraging